American Idolatry

by 7th Ascent

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This song is about the current music industry, it's a satire with a little flare and our way of (ironically) being just like them. It's one small piece of the pie of what 7th Ascent has to say to the world with the release of our album.


Wake up early, I gotta go get ready to stand in line - It's Idol time!
Put on my fishnets, spandex, and moonboots while I memorize my lines
About how my Grandma died
Cuz I gotta go cause a scene - to get on TV!
Them judges ain't got nothin' on me - Oh just wait and see!

I'm getting closer, I got butterflies
Third time's a charm is what they say but Ste-lo-Jackson's a pack of lies! Yeah!

So Hollywood say hello to me!
I'm the baddest bitch you will ever meet! Yeah!

Driving 'round, writing songs, they wanna hear originality - yeah!
They may suck but it's worked in the past, it's the reality.
That's what you need OH!
ooh I know I'm gonna make it - cuz I dummied down this song enough to please the rats they feed

So Hollywood say hello to me!
I'm the baddest boy you would ever meet

Hollywood, get me somewhere, get me somewhere – sooner than later
My boring life deserves much better, deserves much better – its now or never

Hollywood, Hollywood, can I get a first class ticket to fame
Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood – say hello to me!

Wake up early I gotta go get ready for my 9 to 5 – they said I’m past my
They pushed me, pulled me, broke me down and I question their motives why?

But that’s the life


released September 5, 2013
Thank you to everyone that made this possible. Consider this marked as Day 1 in the next stage of our musical journey.. We'll hope you'll join us!



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7th Ascent Minneapolis, Minnesota

For some people rock music is a form of entertainment. For others it is an excuse to let go of everything, if only for a few hours; an excuse to throw back a couple drinks, and scream at the top of their lungs to the songs they know so well. For the four members of Minneapolis-based band 7th Ascent, it is so much more. ... more

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